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Xenocode Virtual Application Studio 8.0

Xenocode Virtual Application Studio customizes and pre-configures desktop app
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Xenocode Virtual Application Studio 6.1 is an application that can help in customizing and pre-configuring desktop applications in virtual packages. A single pre-configured executable can be deployed to run and to simplify application deployment. It helps in eliminating any missing dependencies, DLL files, setups and user configurations. There are no drivers or devices that are needed for this application.

The application can be put on a standard network so that it can be available easily to users. There are no active directory, streaming servers or any infrastructure required. It also features embedded redistributable runtime components which can be used with the virtual application. There is no requirement for any runtime versions on the host machine which helps in executing the virtual applications in a proper manner.

Xenocode Virtual OS helps in removing any problem pertaining to deploying the legacy applications on Windows Vista. It helps in executing everything smoothly. Internet Explorer 6 based applications can be deployed natively with the support of IE 6 emulation mode. It also features a virtualization technology which helps in no dependence on any privileged file system and registry resources. This allows execution on locked-down systems. There is a complete user mode implementation and it can be integrated with existing application management infrastructure.

The user can benefit from the application by getting a full time experience from a virtual workstation without any need of extra hardware or devices.

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  • Easy to use and independent of external devices


  • Higher risk from a single point of failure
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